The Leper Meets the Healer

by Cindy Biggar

Matthew 8:1-3
Large crowds followed Jesus as he came down the mountainside. Suddenly, a man with leprosy approached him and knelt before him. “Lord,” the man said, “if you are willing, you can heal me and make me clean.” Jesus reached out and touched him. “I am willing,” he said. “Be healed!” And instantly the leprosy disappeared.

When I read these verses this morning, I was moved. Moved by the power and love that Jesus shared to those in need and willing to receive. In this case it is a leper who needed cleansing.  However, there is more to this story than Jesus cleansing a leper. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the healing of a fatal disease is incredible enough. But there’s a lot more to it than that…something deeper than a physical healing…something that goes beyond what the eyes can see or mind can comprehend.

At the beginning of the verse we see that Jesus was being followed by large crowds of people. He wasn’t alone. Vast numbers, including His disciples, followed Him. Then “suddenly a man with leprosy approached Him.” Out of the blue, a man rushes up to Jesus. He wasn’t part of the crowd. He couldn’t be. He wasn’t allowed to be around other people. He was an outcast – deemed unclean. Not wanted. Socially unacceptable.  That’s why he suddenly appeared. He was probably lying low, waiting for just the right moment to make his move. Otherwise, someone would have caught him and sent him away.

And so he appears out of nowhere. Can you imagine what happened? The scriptures don’t come right out and say it, but can’t you visualize the crowd. Shocked. Disgusted. Horrified that this man, this leper would dare to show himself and dare to come into their territory. I’m sure they were scared too. Scared that they would catch what he had. Leprosy was incurable. An outright death sentence. It was an ugly, painful, contagious disease that literally caused your flesh to rot away leaving you maimed, disfigured, and separated from those you loved.  That is until Jesus came along. And this leper  knew that and that is why he showed up “suddenly”.

When the leper gets to Jesus, he kneels. He bows down in humble respect before the man he knows can help him and then he speaks. “Lord” he says, “if you are willing, you can heal me and make me clean.” He acknowledged the Lordship – the power of Jesus. He had faith – faith that he put into action and into words.

Now what happened next is the most amazing part of this whole story. Verse 3 : “Jesus reached out and touched him. “I am willing,” he said. “Be healed!” And instantly the leprosy disappeared.” Did you catch that?  No – not the healing part – the touching part? Jesus touched him. Think about the significance here. Jesus touched the leper. He could have just spoken the word. He could have just said, “Be healed,” without the touch and the leper would have been just as healed. But he first touched him. Jesus touched a man that society had deemed untouchable. He reached out to someone the world had shunned. He touched him.

This wasn’t about Jesus showing power – this was about Jesus showing compassion. He knew that this man had not felt the warmth, the love, the tenderness of a human touch for years. And Jesus knew that this leper needed to know and feel loved. He understood his needs. Jesus went beyond the physical need here. He went deeper. Straight to the heart. He touched the man, healing his wounds, his hurts, his insecurities, his inner pain. Jesus’ touch cleansed the leper from the inside out.

Do you need a touch from Jesus? Do you need to feel  warmth,  tenderness,  love,  and compassion from someone who truly understands what you are going through? Who truly cares about your feelings, and your needs? Then it’s time you meet the healer.  Go to Him. Call out to Him. Tell Him what you need.

Jesus can touch you. He is willing to reach out and make you whole; no matter how much the leprosy of sin has scarred you, mangled you, and messed up your life. He can cleanse you and heal you and give you a life brand new. He did it for the leper and he’ll do it for you. Just do what the leper did – Acknowledge Him. Trust Him. Ask Him. Trust me; you’ll never be the same!

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Watch our “Christmas in Georgia” Video Montage From a Recent Performance (JUST ADDED)!!!

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Click the video below to watch a video montage from one of our concerts. Five (5) of the seven (7) songs featured in this montage are original songs from our 12-song “Christmas in Georgia” CD, including “The Light Has Come,” “Christmas in Georgia,” “Conrad (Jesus is Coming to See You This Christmas),” “Who is This Babe,” and “Finally Home.”

To Anyone Who Wants To Find True Happiness

by Joshua Biggar

Have you ever seen an anchor being used as a parachute?

I am pretty positive it was not effective being used in that way. Not effective at all, and the results probably weren’t too good either. That’s because that is not the purpose of an anchor.

In the same way, our lives were created to bring Glory to God. When we are using our lives for something other than that, the results won’t be so great. But when we live our lives completely for God…. not just a little…. but COMPLETELY! Then results will turn out AWESOME! More than Awesome!

True joy comes from God. And when you start praising Him, you will be filled with this true joy, and will never want to stop praising Him and bringing Him Glory.

Find your true happiness now! :) Stop what you are doing right now and praise Him and thank Him for EVERYTHING. No matter what you are feeling, or what you are going through… I can promise you, you will find joy in bringing God Glory.

Put YOUR WHOLE HEART into it! And remember.. God isn’t a feeling.. He is our Creator, our Father. Don’t wait until you “feel” God to talk to Him… that will only lead to discouragement… God is not a feeling, He is a reality.  But when you start to live for Him 100%, you will FEEL HIM :) and believe me, it’s a feeling you will never want to trade for anything. :)

God Bless! :)

“In everything give praise: for this is the purpose of God in Christ Jesus for you.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Song written and recorded by Serving6 based upon the poem “Footprints In The Sand”

What Happens When A Fanatical Serving6 Fan Promises To Get Hit By A Car If We Make It To The Top 10 in Toby Mac’s Rock The Camp Contest!!!

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What Are You Holding On To?

by Cindy Biggar

Did you ever think about Moses’ rod? You know the one he held up when the Red Sea parted.  The one that he struck the rock with and water came forth, the one he threw down and it became  a serpent. The one that he touched the Nile with causing it to turn to blood. That rod. Did you  ever really think about it. It was just a rod. Just an ordinary stick that Moses used to poke, prod,  direct, and protect a bunch of sheep. It was just an ordinary rod, and would have remained an  ordinary rod if he had not obeyed the voice of God and let it go.

God asked Moses “What is that in your hand?” (Ex.4:2) to which Moses replied “A rod.” Now of  course God knew what it was, he just wanted to make sure Moses knew. But what happened  next is what is so profound. God told Moses to throw the rod down. To let it go. To give it to  Him. When Moses did the rod became a serpent and then of course that rod accompanied him  as he led the children of Israel out of Egypt. A simple man, with a simple rod, doing miraculous things because of a willingness to let go and let God!

You know, there are things right now that you are holding that God wants to use. Little things that could be great when touched by God’s power. So, what do you have that the Almighty could use? Are you willing to let it go? Are you willing to trust Him with it?

Just as there are things you are holding that God can use if you give them to Him, there are also things you are holding onto that God wants you to let go of . Things that are keeping you from following after God. Things that are keeping you from hearing Him, trusting Him, and knowing His will for your life. Are you holding on to something that is affecting your relationship with God? Something that is keeping you from the blessings God has for your life? Is it a relationship, a hurt, a fear, a grudge? What is that you may be refusing to let go of because it is familiar to you, something that you are used to carrying around with you for so long that you have become attached to it?

God is saying “Let it Go”. Let go of the past so the past will let go of you. Then and only then will you be able to live and enjoy the fullness of what God has for your life.

So, what are you holding on to? Do you have talents, ideas, dreams, abilities, thoughts, or desires that God could be using for His glory? Or do you have bitterness, unforgiveness, secrets, broken dreams, or spiritual ties with people that you know needs to be severed? God says Let it Go! The choice is yours, and so are the repercussions.

God’s Love Never Fails – Prayer to Bless the ones I encounter.

by Joshua Biggar

God, Your love is unfailing. You are unfailing and always there. When I walk out from under Your love, I hear You call me and  I  return to You. I  look  for  You in whatever I do.

The many people You have put around me, the many you have let me meet, the many who You have allowed to come into my life, and even the many that I do not know. Bless them. Send Your spirit and live through each of them. Show them Your awesome love. There are so many of them who want You. Bless them. Give them their hearts desires. Let them always continue to burn for You. Use them. May You let Your beautiful light shine through them, and may that light shine as beautiful as all the colors of the earth making  the dark paths bright so that others may be able to see You. Bless them all. Bless the ones who are reading this. Use them. Lead them. Let them know they are never alone, they are never forsaken, that they are special because they are Your children.

Please God use them all. Don’t let a one of them not be used. Come down and reign inside of us all. All of us are undeserving of You. You owe us nothing. We owe You everything. We owe all to You. Use our lives God. Your love never fails, You never leave us. Thank You God. I Love You! :)

Love never fails. And NOW abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:1-8a, 13

He love us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins. Beloved, if God so loves us, we also ought to love one another. 1 John 4:10-12

Getting Our Focus Straight

by Cindy Biggar

Have you ever taken a picture and then it turned out blurry. Chances are you didn’t have a clear focus when you took the picture. In other words, the camera was focused on something other than what your intentions were. The results were a blurred picture.

Many times that is the problem we have in life as well. We have good intentions. We have the right idea. But somewhere along the lines, we lose our focus. Other things, that may be good things, grab our focus, distract us and we lose the actual focus of what we were supposed to be doing.

When this happens, the results are usually that the project or goal we were working on seems to lose it effectiveness and we even doubt if we were supposed to be doing it in the first place. We get discouraged, downhearted, and feel like quitting. Oftentimes, we do quit. We stop short and never finish the work we once thought we were called to do.

So many visions, dreams and desires given from God never materialize or come to fruition because we allow the enemy to distract us with other things. More times than not, it is good things that take our focus off of our calling. Getting too busy and caught up in other projects with church or other people’s visions is often the reason for not continuing with our own. Or, letting others put doubt in us because of their disbelief or jealousy can cause us to doubt and lose our focus as well.

When this happens, the fire and desire we once had for our vision dwindles. Sometimes it diminishes to the point we find ourselves questioning whether or not the vision was from God in the first place. Once the focus gets blurred, it is hard to see clearly what we are supposed to be doing.

Getting us to lose our focus is one of the most common yet powerful tools of the enemy. If the devil can get you to get caught up with the busy work of other things rather than the task or objective God has given you or purposed you for, then chances are that project will not be completed. If the project doesn’t get completed, many people may not be reached. So, the enemy wins.

Remember the story of Peter walking on the water? He started out his quest with excitement. He asked God to help him. He heard the voice of the Lord clearly say “Come.” He stepped out in faith to begin his journey and was making progress. He had his eyes focused on Jesus and was actually walking on the water! He was doing what others saw as impossible because he was focused!

But something happened on Peter’s journey. Perhaps, it was because he started listening to those to afraid to get out of the boat as they told him he was crazy. Maybe he listened to their jealous jeering saying that he was going to sink. Maybe then, he heard the wind, the splashing of the waves and waves of doubt washed over him. Whatever he heard or thought made him take his eyes off of Jesus. When that happened, when he lost his focus, he went down. He sank beneath his own doubts, beneath his own discouragement, beneath his own fears.

The good news is, Peter didn’t drown beneath those waves of doubt, discouragement and fear. He remembered to call on the name of the One who saves. When he did, Jesus picked him up, and walked back with him, guiding him, holding him and talking to him all along the way. You see, although Peter lost his focus, he got it back and he continued his feat. He didn’t swim back to the boat; he walked back to the boat! And in so doing, he was a witness to all those in the boat who thought it couldn’t be done!

It is important to know that although we may lose our focus, we can always call on the One who is more than willing to help us see again. He will pick us up, un-cloud our vision and help us clearly see where we are supposed to go and what we are supposed to be doing. Not only that, but He’ll go with us all the way!

So it’s time to get up, get out of the boat and get on with our journey of faith. If we lose our sight and start to sink we need to cry out to the One who told us to “Come”. He will help us get our focus straight and with Him we shall overcome!

I Will Praise You Forever God!

by Joshua Biggar

Great are You God! Awesome are You God! SO AWESOME is Your Holy Name! Your name is greater than anyone can imagine. The sound of Your name brings Joy into my life. Let me realize why I am alive. Let me realize why I am here. I will praise You Forever and ever, never ceasing, never letting you decrease in me, but increase in me and I will serve You more and more.

Great is Your name! Great is Your love! Whenever I go through the waters, You will be near me. AWESOME ARE YOU GOD! When I am feeling depressed, or down, I will sing to You praise and You will lift me up. I will lift You higher in my life and continue to Praise You! I will lift You higher in my life and put You above all else. I will forever seek You, O God! You are my EVERYTHING!

You sent Your only Son, and we killed Him. Yet You still love us. You still love me. Your love is unfailing and You are always there.  I make mistakes, but You have  mercy and forgive me. You lift me on my feet and deliver me from my affliction and pain. Your words will ring in my ears forever, and I will serve You with the rest of my life. I give you my all. Use me God! I Love You!

† “†” †

Sing praise to His name! Give God all of You! Life is so short. In one breath you are created and in one breath you are gone. Life is like a period on a page compared to eternity. What you do in life really matters. We were created in order to bring God glory.
“God created us for His Glory” – Isaiah 43:1-7

In ALL you do, give God praise. Declare His loving kindness in the morning and His faithfulness every night! Sing to Him a new song, lift your heads and glorify His AWESOME name!
“Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the Glory of God” – 1 Corinthians 10:31

God Loves You No matter what! And no matter what goes on in your life, whether sadness, depression, stress, rejection, sickness, suffering or anything else…. YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE! God doesn’t make mistakes, and He created YOU! Think of this…. out of anyone God could have created… He created YOU! How awesome is that! KNOW that you are special to God.

Praise God! Give Him your ALL, and declare His reign in Your life! HOLY IS THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!